Kuala Lumpur On the Road

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur is the place to be in Asia. It's a mix of different cultures and races. Chinese, Malaysian Indian and now also with many tourists from all over the globe, it's a hub for all of South East Asia, with its easy access to Singapore.

You can buy cheap food as well as cheap electronic goods... or anything else you're looking for. Try the Chinese markets for a camera (all the latest models and all you need).

KL is the city with the highest Twins Towers in the World Petronas Towers but has many other nice places to visit. A very romantic place to visit if you have good company!

You can also visit Kuala Lumpur Menara to have a nice view of the city.

People are friendly and generous and happy to meet new people and see new ideas. It's nice to see how different religion and culture can live togheter.

From KL you can easily go around Malaysia and enjoy the natural surroundings. Forest and Sea. Scuba diving and sailing.

if you like to do some shopping, the many commercial place can staisfy all your needs.

Food is good and cheap (try the Coliseum Restaurant next to the central Market) and night life is fantastic. (“The Zook”) Bangsar or the KLCC are with many bars and club.

why go there? Cheap Good and Friendly. I really can say MALAYSIA IS TRULY ASIA.


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