84, Cameron Highlands

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Overview of Hostel

Let's take life easy and slow-down... ... We invite you to experience the Cameron Highlands with a (heah)titude at Heahtitude KT!

Heahtitude | a blend word derived from the Cantonese slang that celebrates the joy of simply chilling around without a care in the world. Inspired by the vintage char

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The village is serviced by Cameron Highland's main road, comfortably reachable by Car, Motorcycle, Taxi, the Express Bus or the Local Commuter Bus. Among all, we believe you will benefit greatly from having your own transport, so we would recommend car rental or better yet, motorcycles or bikes!

By Own Transport
Street Parking is available for free for those who drive.

By Motorbikes or Bicycles
Private Parking is available for free within the property.

By Express Bus
If you are travelling to us from Penang/ Ipoh/ Perhentian Island / Singapore, you may request a direct drop-off at Kuala Terla, (to the driver) when on-board the Bus or Van.

If you are travelling to us from KL/Melaka, you will alight at the Tanah Rata Bus Terminal. Continuing from there, you can catch either the Local Commuter Bus or hire a Taxi to get to us.
*Ride-hailing Services is not available in the highlands.

The Local Bus- UNIREGAL runs at 01 trip/ hour and servicing daily from (7am- 5:30pm). The route covers: Tanah Rata >Sg Ruil >Brinchang >Kea Farm >Tringkap >Kuala Terla >Kampung Raja..

Located near

Since bidding farewell to its trunk-road-access-only yesterdays, the now well-connected Cameron Highlands had been mercilessly consumed by tourism-led commercialization, with its original terrain so corroded that its homogenized to that of a soulless concrete city. The village of Kuala Terla, although being part of the highlands, managed to maintain its village way of life, offering visitors a refuge from the ever complicated hectic city life and a glimpse of slower- paced village living.

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

1. Cancellation policy: At least 7 days advance notice for free cancellation. 2. Check in from 14:00 to 20:00. 3. Check out before 12:00 noon. 4. Payment upon arrival by cash only. 5. For Non-Malaysian Guest, RM10 for each room per night as Tourism tax implemented starting 1st Sept 2017. 6. Simple Continental Breakfast. 7. Designated areas only. 8. Age restriction: 12+. 9. Reception working hours 09:00-20:00.